The abundant supplies of crude oil being produced in North America, combined with significant investments by Midwest refiners, are providing consumers to our west with more low-cost, secure, domestically manufactured fuels.

Buckeye — which for more than 60 years has invested in Pennsylvania and employs more than 400 people across the state — wants to ensure this new opportunity is delivered to families and businesses here.

Specifically, we have proposed to the Public Utility Commission (PUC) to reverse a portion of the Laurel Pipe Line between Pittsburgh and Altoona in order to bring up to 40,000 barrels a day of more affordable fuel from the Midwest to the Altoona region.

Currently that portion of the pipeline delivers fuel to Pittsburgh from the East Coast, which is increasingly underutilized.

Fuel shipments on Laurel to the Pittsburgh market have fallen dramatically

** 2017 data through July

The compelling factors driving the reversal are clear and straightforward. Abundant and more affordable Midwest-produced fuels — driven by basic supply and demand fundamentals — are seeking expanded access to meet growing consumer demands.

This trend has been building for nearly a decade, resulting in a dramatic drop in shipments on Laurel from the East Coast. This is a big change, driven by clear market forces related to U.S. energy abundance and security.

Unlike Midwest refineries, East Coast refiners rely heavily on OPEC imports

The Northeast U.S. relies heavily on refined products from overseas and the U.S. Gulf Coast. The partial reversal of Laurel would provide Pennsylvania consumers with greater access to supply from Midwest refineries, while reducing dependence on overseas imports.

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The legislators cited “the tremendous consumer benefits it would bring to our constituents and all Pennsylvanians.” They also said that “clear market forces” are making the flow reversal necessary “so that greater quantities of lower-cost domestic fuel from American refineries can safely reach more consumers, small businesses and manufacturers in the commonwealth.” … “These new supplies are the product of America’s energy revolution, which has unlocked opportunities to make our nation more secure and energy independent,” the legislators’ letter said. “It’s critical that we embrace this newfound domestic energy abundance and make certain that all Pennsylvanians continue to benefit from it.”

– Beaver Co.’s State Leaders Jim Christiana, Elder Vogel & Jim Marshall

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“This simple change in direction would result in a big win for consumers across the entire commonwealth as they benefit from more low-cost, secure, domestic fuel. … Those who would seek to block that fuel from getting to more Pennsylvanians are trying to hold on to the status quo, clinging to business models that generated profits in the past. Looking to the past, though, instead of the future, does not foster progress.”

– Former Allegheny Co. chief executive Jim Roddey

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“Expanding consumer access to growing supplies of low-cost, domestically sourced fuel should be a top priority and shared goal among elected leaders and regulators aimed at making certain that Pennsylvanians continue to fully benefit from America’s ongoing energy revolution. … More reliable, secure and lower-cost fuel supplies are increasingly originating in the Midwest. Reversing a portion of the Laurel Pipe Line will deliver more of that fuel to consumers in western and central Pennsylvania.”

– Rep. Mark Mustio (Allegheny Co.)

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This common sense “proposal has received the support of civic and elected leaders, small businesses, trade unions and free-market analysts,” as the Washington Observer-Reporter has reported.

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